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Now Hiring New Coaches

We are looking for coaches for the 2020/2021 club season as we expand! Coaches must have experience and pass a background check. If interested, please contact Tori Navarro at 915-691-1414 or 

Click on Picture to view the honor that L&F Distributors and Budweiser bestowed on Tori and the  Sun City Scorchers.

Click on Picture to view the honor that L&F Distributors and Budweiser bestowed on Tori and Sun City Scorchers

All Cameras were on the Scorchers. Cameras rolled on a promotion for the Budweiser Legacy video that will be used for a commercial to be aired on TV soon.

L&F Distributors and Budweiser hosted an awards and hospitality event for Tori and the Sun City Scorchers.  It was an amazing night with new friendships and lasting memories.  “This reaffirms what we are doing is right and making a difference.  When I started this three years ago, I felt our club would be different from all the others.   Focusing on developing our players both on and off the court” Commented Tori.  The money will be use to purchase new equipment as we continue to grow.

I would like to thank the following:  


All Praise and Honor to You!

L&F Distributors and Budweiser

Truly the King of Beers!

SCS Club Director Tori Navarro Winner of

the Budweiser Legacy Award

El Paso, TX-Sun City Scorchers' club director Tori Navarro was awarded the distinct award for the Budweiser Legacy Award.   The award is presented to young entrepreneurs who give back to the community and help other El Pasoans.    Tori was featured on KVIA on January 31, 2020, in recognition of her efforts with Sun City Scorchers and all of her labors to help the youth in the city have a chance to play club volleyball.  

"I would like to thank L and F distributors and Budweiser for the very distinguished  award.  I feel very honored to have been chosen and am very grateful" stated Tori.



SCS Minis capture a metal in the Gold Bracket Jan 18,2020.  Congratulations to the Minis!

SCS Minis capture a metal in the Gold Bracket Jan 18,2020. Congratulations to the Minis!

USA Volleyball

Sun City Scorchers is associated with USA Volleyball.


As part of the El Paso region, SCS is part of Sun Country  Region Volleyball Association.

From the Desk of Tori

Greetings to all Scorcher family members.   It was a tough decision, but I have decided to postpone our annual volleyball camp due to concerns with Corvid 19 and the conclusion of our season running well into summer.   We will plan a bigger, better and brighter camp next summer.  I am excited to see our teams return to the courts.   I am eager to return to play.  Over the summer I will be focusing on Sun City Scorchers Foundation and getting it off the ground.   I want to thank all players, parents, and coaches for making this season the best one yet.  It is hard to believe that in just a few short months we will be entering into our 4th season.  I wish all our family members a safe and happy summer.  After all, I hear a "Scorcher of a day" all the time on the weather reports.   It's our time to shine, it is our season. God bless and thank you for a season of firsts, including many gold medals and our first out of town major tournament victory goal medal.  Our first award-winning recognition from L&F Distributors and Budweiser.  How about the first male to play on the Scorchers. We had so many firsts, but we are just getting warmed up!  I hope all will return next season.   Please keep an eye out for a survey link in group me.  I really want honest constructive feedback so we can get better.    Again, it has been a blessing to have all of you with the Scorchers.   We are always looking for the next great coach, if you know anyone please give them my number. 

Bigger, Better, Brighter!!


Victoria Navarro

Founder and Director



It Is Not Good-Bye

but Just Farewell Until 2021!


We are sad to announce that Coach Karissa is being deployed this upcoming week and will be leaving us for a while. Coach Karissa, we thank you for all that you have done for the Scorchers. We wish you safe travels and deployment. We cannot wait to get you back on the court and coaching again next year. Your team loves you and we will be missing you so much!! Her team made her cards and sent good wishes!


SCS has a proud history of hiring active and retired military heroes as Coaches.  We believe these coaches serve as an excellent example of what is right in this world.  We thank all our past, present, and future military family members of the Scorchers! 

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